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Wedding is one of the most important events in a man or a woman’s whole life. This is the event where he or she will be in the hot seat and the main center of attraction. Every person wants to make their wedding as the most memorable event in their whole life. To make it happen two most important things required. Firstly, the wedding should be at the famous destination and the second one is a perfect photography of the wedding. Photographs are the best thing to store memories of your wedding. For wedding the city Mohali is one of the most beautiful cities in India. If you are looking for a pre wedding shoot in Mohali, then we AG Films can provide you the best pre wedding, wedding and candid photographer in Mohali.

Apart from wedding photography we also work in all the sections separately. If you have a corporate event, then you need a corporate photographer in Mohali. AG Films can also provide you with the most experienced corporate photographer for your event. For architectural shoots,we have experts on architecture photography.

Portfolio shooting has become a famous trend now. The upcoming actors and the models always need a portfolio for auditions and fashion shows. So, the need of portfolio shoot has become popular day after day. AG Films is famous for shooting portfolios in the city. With the help of the expert and professional photographers you can easily conduct a portfolio shoot in Mohali. They can provide you with the best portfolio which can add an extra plus point in your profile.

Fashion shows are the most popular events in today’s world. Starting from the colleges to the large events, the fashion show has become one of the permanent parts of it. The fashion shows can be arranged in different ways. Based on the theme of the event the show is being arranged along with the theme based dress code. A perfect and complete photography is a much needed thing for this. A fashion show cannot be completed without a fashion photographer. AG Films has a large team of expert fashion photographers who have year of experience in doing professional fashion photography. So if you want a professional fashion photographer in Mohali for your fashion show, just contact with AG Films to enjoy the best fashion photography of the city.

We provide photography in a very cheap rate which is acceptable and very much inside your budget. All the events cannot be a high budget event but every event needs a perfect photography. This is why; we have a versatile tariff for projects with different budgets. But it doesn’t mean that the quality of the photography will be compromised. Other services what we offer is Pre Wedding Photography , Pre Wedding Videography , Corporate Videographer , Corporate photography , Architectural shoot , Portfolio Shoot , Fashion Photographer , Candid photography , Photo booth , Baby Photography and so on.

AG Films is also available online. You can easily log in to our official website and submit your requirement by filling up a simple form and we will take care of it for the rest. Our experts will fix an appointment with you and arrange everything regarding photography for your event.

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