We established AG Films with an aim to forge images with the world class quality which will a piece of art in itself. With great exposure and experience in this field, we tend to provide awesome and modish photos to our clients.

Not only physical appearance, we through our photos captures something beyond the same. We successfully have captured memories and emotions in our each picture.

We try to offer to you the stupendous photos on almost every budget. With our confident, experienced and creative team, we have the best means to serve our clients. We don’t limit ourselves to only local photography rather we have expertise in the following:

Pre Wedding Photography/ Videography

The pre-wedding shoot is the best way to get to know each other better before your wedding and we strive to encourage some special moments and also provide some direction to get some great pictures and simultaneously making you both comfortable. We will let you both be yourselves as we believe in capturing both of your true personalities. We will suggest to go for a pre wedding shoot in Chandigarh or Pune.

Overall we will have fun together so that you can cherish some great moments before your special day.

Wedding Photography/Videography

We specialise in capturing the wedding photographs that will tell the story of the big day whenever you will pick and enjoy the same in any phase of your life. You will cherish fantastic memories of your special day for the years to come.

Our style of Photography inculcates both traditional methods with a modern touch. As we will capture the complete story of your day so that you can treasure this day forever whenever you look back.

Corporate Photography/ Videography

We are a headshot specialist in Corporate Photography in India. We have experience in shooting countless corporate convention and events. We cover services like press conferences, seminars, opening ceremonies, product launches, and corporate trips. We provide time lapse photography which is very important for shooting any event including video coverage.

Architectural shoot

If you are looking for an experts of the Architectural shoot in Chandigarh, Punjab, Delhi, Pune or Mumbai, then you have reached the correct website. We believe that Architectural photography is an absolute specialty. In this field creativity and productivity is the king, therefore, we tend to offer professional and unique architectural shoot with the best possible budget which will be affordable also.

Portfolio Shoot

Portfolio shoot in India is in high demand. Also, every person/model needs to seek for an experienced photographer when it comes to portfolio shoot.

As we have experience in the same, we will generate such great photos that will surely open many doors for you. With our experience, we will by default figure the best angle of your portfolio.

Schedule a model test shoot with us and you will explore great possibilities which were not known to you before.

Fashion Photography

We believe that originality is the secret behind a successful Fashion shoot and we follow the same rule and this is the reason that we have completed some great fashion shoot succesfully. We bring high enthusiasm, energy and fresh perspective whenever we plan any fashion shoot. Our photographs will portrait your passion for fashion and our professional touch will take you to great heights.

Event Photography

We are the best in the industry when it comes to event photography. Our knowledge and experience will ensure you great clicks of the events wherein we will capture the actual essence of the event you organised. With great photography at both indoor and outdoor events, we leave a great and long lasting impression on you, your family and guests.

To book a consultation with us, or to discuss regarding your shoot then please AG Films now as we are waiting for you.

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